Altamonte Springs staging job sells house despite missing garage
July 5, 2015 Staging

This property was not an easy sale. This 4 bedroom pool home had a beautiful converted garage. The room gained was a nice bonus room but posed a big problem. The garage was missing, and most buyers who looked at the house wanted a garage. The owner was willing to convert the garage back with a good offer. But that did not satisfy most buyers since they already fell in love with the bonus room and did not want to give up the extra space. The house went under contract but financing fell through with the first buyer. The staging helped to overcome the issues. After a total of 44 days on the market the property went under contract with a purchaser that was able to close. The property had undergone a cosmetic renovation to cure some condition issues. The kitchen was fixed up with the existing cabinets and granite counters. The low hanging soffit was removed to create a more open kitchen and some additional pantry cabinets were added to allow for more storage. The hallway closet was removed to open the entry way and convert some dead space to usable living area. Then the dirty family room carpet was exchanged to tile floors. Paint, repairs and a few bathroom counters did the rest in the fix up process. The staging followed a more family oriented comfortable style. The dining room wall received a dark grey back wall with mirror accents for added interest. Check out the video that shows the staging very well.


IMG_3413 IMG_3414 IMG_3450

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