Cute two bedroom home sold
August 25, 2015 Interior Design

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Cute two bedroom home sold – This nicely remodeled two bedroom home underwent a full renovation. This house is proof that with the right furnishings and updates an older house can look great. Fantastic design is not always a matter of size but more a question how the space is utilized. This house has 1200 sq ft living space and presents itself as a very livable home. The fit and finishes are a far cry from the typical run down rentals in the area and speak to a buyer who wants a bit more than the bare minimum. A sophisticated living space like this in another location could be quite costly. Here in West Volusia County a house like this can be owned a very attractive pricing. In this case just under $ 100k was the budget to own it. Nice wood floors and a brand new open kitchen give a spacious appearance to the living area. We chose furniture that has a slim scale. The sofa is a contemporary 3 seater with slim armrests so it takes up less room as traditional roll arm sofa would. The contrasting chairs deliver a pop of color. The yellow accent color is continued with accessories and accent cushions on the sofa and the pendant lights over the kitchen counter. Carrying one or two accent colors throughout the room helps to unify the space and create a seamless design. Especially in an open living room it is important to show a buyer how the space can be utilized. For the dining room we chose a contemporary glass table and slim leather parson chairs as the side chairs. We paired them with chrome end chairs. The chrome mesh leaves them looking light and fresh while the black seat ties in with the other chairs in the set. Not everything has to match in order to look coherent. It often creates some visual interest if the pieces are carefully chosen and have some aspect that ties them together. The overall theme has more of a contemporary vibe. We use a fresher urban design language to contrast the 60’s age of the house. It supports the new renovation and lets the house compete with new construction homes in the area. Despite having only a carport, two bedrooms and one and a half baths, this house sold a hair under asking price. This is truly a small house with a big attitude.

Here a video of the property:

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