Debary House sold to first person seeing this transformation
August 8, 2019 Interior Design

This cute 60s bungalow in Debary Florida underwent a whole renovation with a new kitchen and a spectacular barn door that gives the laundry room a grand entrance. The property had 2 bedrooms and one bath but sold as quick as can be. This house is technically a Flip but never went officially on the market. The neighbor came by to check it out while the team was working on the finishing touches and bought it on the spot. Talking about local marketing. One thing is for sure, that move will be a quick one with that close of a distance. Its one more example how ingenious design can really help the sale and the value of a property. Purchased for $ 86k and sold for $ 158k just a few months later, there must be a healthy profit in there for the investor. The property appraised just above contract price so the appraiser must have seen the value of the transformation there. Sometimes it is a good idea to overbuild your little investment property a bit. It can pay off big time if your design is really good.

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