Creating a dramatic accent wall
October 20, 2015 Interior Design

Creating a dramatic accent wall – Sometimes a room can benefit from an accent wall. The designer Helen Bonello-Strauss uses often the wall opposite the door that leads into that room. “I want the accent wall to be the first thing a person see upon entering the room.” The accent wall can be done with a contrasting paint color, Wallpaper, or a treatment with tile or wood. The only limit is what creative limitations you set yourself. Here is an example how we set a wall apart with an easy and cheap way to create some great interest. The wall was painted in a dark grey. The designer found some inexpensive mirrors online at a design supply warehouse. She ordered up a few dozen of the mirrors and used them in regular patterns on the wall. The lines between the mirrors were done with a long piece of scrap wood as a ruler and a silver felt tip pen from the craft store. This treatment play homage on traditional designs and wall coverings while leaving the wall undamaged in case someone would want to change this wall back to a simply painted surface. This treatment cost less than $ 200 for the whole wall and a few hours of work. Anyone can do this at home. All it takes is an idea and a free afternoon.






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