How to make your man cave a success with the ladies
August 23, 2016 Interior Design
This is a hangout space for the whole family

This is a hangout space for the whole family

When you are thinking to convert the empty bonus room into a nice hangout space or man cave you might want to consider everyone’s needs and create something that will be a great hit for all of your family and friends. For many men a large TV, a comfy sofa, and a mini fridge will create the ultimate hangout space. But that would be quite one sided and limit the use quite a bit. You may consider furnishing the place so that it has many uses. In this case the place is a converted garage that was decorated as a family hangout room. The far right end had a closet that was converted to a desk area for homework and crafts. The TV was set in a space with nice built ins to give the room a more finished look. The sofa is comfortable and can function as a guest bed. So if the room is needed this space has more than just one function.¬† The set up is colorful and vibrant and probably one of the most inviting spaces in the house. Due to its various uses it is a hit with everyone and will not leave any family member out. The fact that this space used to be a garage does not come to mind right away. It does not have to cost a fortune to create a space that can function well and look great. If you think of selling a house with a bonus room make sure it does not only show one side. The more sensible use you can put in a space the more value perceive potential buyers. Just make sure the design looks¬†coherent and gives a clear enough message about its potential. If a prospective buyer takes the time to sit down, there is opportunity to sell the house. You are not selling brick and mortar. You are selling a space the buyers can use, you are selling to the emotion that they have when thinking about the next Superball party, entertaining with friends, or the rainy afternoon watching a movie. It is not about the 4 walls that is important for a buyer. It is how they are using the space. It is all about the memories they are creating and how they can give the time they spend in their new home some meaning. If you paint a vivid picture of their future, your are on the right track. The bonus room might make the difference.



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